Yahya Bakkar to Discuss Financial Literacy & Legacy Building

Yahya Bakkar to Discuss Financial Literacy & Legacy Building

Yahya Bakkar Financial Literacy Blog Series

Yahya Bakkar


October 26, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Yahya Bakkar’s Entrepreneur Toolkit: Financial Literacy and Legacy Building blog series will provide experience-backed insight on how to achieve entrepreneurial success. Educational and informative, Bakkar’s series will discuss a variety of topics, including timeless tools and current best practices in financial management.

Building your future can either be exhilarating or exhausting.  Loaded with challenges on every corner, the journey toward financial freedom travels down a winding road.  Having navigated that road himself, entrepreneur Yahya Bakkar is familiar with the plight.  That is, he was, before Bakkar realized that the key to success isn’t luck or connections — the key is preparedness.  And in his all-new educational entrepreneurship blog series, Bakkar looks forward to placing that key directly in view of his readers and followers.

About Yahya BakkarYahya Bakkar

CEO & Owner of Legacy Wealth Group

Yahya Bakkar is a Wealth Advisor and Legacy Builder.  An expert in financial literacy, Bakkar is passionate about developing programs that help people achieve financial freedom.  Focused on the long term, this entrepreneur has made a career out of his commitment to legacy building.  A somewhat dying practice in this generation, Bakkar strives to keep this model of success alive.