• Freelance Music Artist Peter Abbonizio Presents Music Education Series
    Peter Abbonizio http://peterabbonizio.com/   NEW YORK, NY, September 20, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Freelance Musician and Digital Music Professional Peter Abbonizio has recently debuted his new blog series on music education and consulting on Medium.com. Inspired at an early age to […]
  • Dennis Stolpner to Discuss Red Cross Hurricane Relief Efforts
    Dennis Stolpner https://dennisstolpner.com/ FLORIDA, September 7, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Dennis Stolpner is set to discuss ongoing hurricane relief efforts the American Red Cross has launched in response to Hurricane Ida and other recent natural disasters. A former hurricane relief volunteer […]
  • TVC America to Host ‘Intro to Vending Machines’ Blog Series
    TVC America https://tvcamerica.business.site/ MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD, September 3, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ —  In the ‘Beginner’s Guide to Modern Vending Machines,’ TVC America will share trade secrets, tips and introductory lessons on how to operate a vending machine business.  Leaders in the […]
  • Catherine Sheridan of Race Rock Capital to Offer Math Tutoring Services
    Catherine Sheridan http://catherinesheridan.org/ CHICAGO, IL, August 25, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Starting in September 2021, Catherine Sheridan, Race Rock Capital Finance Professional, will now offer Tutoring Services in the Chicago area.  Specializing in mathematics at all levels, Sheridan’s tutoring services will […]
  • Today’s Travel Trends from Resortsave.com
    Resort Save https://resortsave.com/ August 24, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — In an upcoming blog series, the vacation planning experts at Resort Save will share the latest travel trends and tips on Resortsave.com.  This is a can’t-miss series for individuals and families interested […]
  • Andrew Haag to Showcase Art Shows in CA
    Andrew Haag http://andrewhaag.org/ LOS ANGELES, CA, August 13, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — In September 2021, Andrew Haag is set to host a showcase featuring upcoming art shows in California.  Aiming to shine a spotlight on smaller artists, Hagg’s series will offer […]
  • Barry Denton to share real estate advice for beginners
    Barry Denton https://drbarrydenton.com/ TAMPA, FL, August 9, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Barry Denton’s ‘Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate’ is set to debut in August 2021 on his official website.  This blog series is a can’t-miss opportunity for Real Estate Agent hopefuls, […]
  • George Carlo’s Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Retrospective
    George Carlo https://georgecarlo.com/ August 8, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Immediately following the conclusion of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, world-renowned Sports Performance Coach, George Carlo, will host a recap and review of the athleticism displayed at the Games.  Drawing on […]
  • Juhi Deolankar to Highlight Global Health Initiatives in Blog Series
    Juhi Deolankar http://juhideolankar.com/ July 29, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — In a new blog series, Urologist Juhi Deolankar will highlight ongoing global health initiatives for the year 2021 and beyond. Hoping to shine a spotlight on ways for the public to participate, […]
  • Winner of Val DiGiorgio’s Red, White & Blue Scholarship Announced
    Val DiGiorgio http://valdigiorgio.org/ July 15, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — The Val DiGiorgio Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce the winner of the first annual Red, White & Blue Scholarship: Elijah Warren! Elijah Warren has just completed his first year at Shippensburg […]
  • Dean Buescher to launch series on kidney health study
      Dean Buescher http://deanbuescher.com/ ANCHORAGE, AK, July 13, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — A  research study out of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine may have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of patients with renal failure. Entrepreneur Dean Buescher is slated to […]
  • Winner of Valentino DiGiorgio’s STEAM Scholarship Announced
    Valentino DiGiorgio http://valentinodigiorgio.com/ July 7, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ —  The results are in! Valentino DiGiorgio and his team are proud to have selected Amruta “Amy” Kunkur as the recipient of his first annual STEAM scholarship. Amruta Kunkur of McKinney, TX is […]
  • Julio Licinio to share recent news in science and psychology
    Julio Licinio https://juliolicinio.org/ July 5, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Acclaimed researcher and publisher of scientific literature, Julio Licinio is slated to launch a new science-centric blog series.  On his official website, Licinio will highlight upcoming and recently published findings and new […]
  • Robert Kurzban named 2021 Wawa Foundation Hero Award Finalist
    Robert Kurzban http://robertkurzban.org/ June 28, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — The Garces Foundation is proud to announce that they have been named as one of four finalists for the 2021 Wawa Foundation Hero Award. Robert Kurzban, current Director of Development and former […]
  • Sean O’Grady, MD to Host Blog Series on Nutrition Nonprofits
    Sean O’Grady, MD http://seanogradymd.com/ June 24, 2021 — Sean O’Grady, MD is excited to announce an upcoming blog series on his official health and fitness focused website. The all-new blog series will highlight events and news regarding nonprofits that advocate […]
  • Steven Santarpia Consulting to discuss digital marketing trends
    Steven Santarpia Consulting https://stevensantarpiaconsulting.com/ June 22, 2021 — In a new blog series, the Steven Santarpia Consulting outfit will highlight the latest trends in digital marketing.  A must-read resource for content creators, entrepreneurs and brands, Santarpia’s series will offer valuable […]
  • Robert Kurzban launches web app for nonprofits, Optimal Auctions
    Optimal Auctions http://robertkurzban.org/ JUN 10, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Joined by four expert economists, social scientist and published researcher, Robert Kurzban announces the launch of an auction software web app for nonprofits.  The auctioning software solution is now live and available […]
  • Evan Rutchik & RIII Ventures announce recent acquisitions and startup launches
    Evan Rutchik https://evanrutchik.com/ NEW YORK, NY — June 15, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — On his official website, Evan Rutchik, Managing Partner, will share updates on RIII Ventures’ recent acquisitions.  Rutchik will also discuss upcoming startup launches managed and maintained by the […]
  • Alex Marrero’s Miami Real Estate Market Forecast
    Alex Marrero http://alexmarreromiami.com/ MIAMI, FL — June 5, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — The real estate market is red hot in Miami — and in his Real Estate Market Forecast series, Alex Marrero will be offering up his tips, tricks and take […]
  • Art of Living Foundation announce upcoming events in 2021
    Art of Living Foundation https://www.artofliving.org/ May 7, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Global wellness and meditation foundation, Art of Living is currently hosting all of their programs online. Offering participants the opportunity to learn new stress relieving techniques, Art of Living fulfills […]
  • Andrew Cunningham-Moorat debuts home inspection blog series
    Andrew Cunningham-Moorat http://andrewcunninghammoorat.com/ April 29, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — In an all-new blog series, home inspector Andrew Cunningham-Moorat will cover the ins and outs of the current demand for home inspectors.  Offering up advice to homeowners, homebuyers and home inspectors alike, […]
  • Sherin Thawer book release date postponed due to pandemic
    Sherin Thawer http://sherinthawer.com/ April 26, 2021 — The release date for Sherin Thawer’s children’s book, Attitude of Gratitude: Story of 10 Lepers, has been postponed.  Thawer and her publishing team cite the pandemic as the reason for pushing back the […]
  • Alacrity Care Receives Patent Approval on Algorithm for Febrile Neutropenia
    Alacrity Care [email protected] https://www.alacrity.care FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Alacrity Care’s remote patient monitoring technology for oncology patients with febrile neutropenia opens up doors for further product validation in a clinical setting Los Angeles, CA, April 20, 2021—Alacrity Care is pleased to […]
  • Arthur Benjamin launches nonprofit Action to End Drowning
    Arthur Benjamin Action to End Drowning http://www.arthurebenjamin.com/ PALM BEACH, April 13, 2021 — Arthur Benjamin, Palm Beach entrepreneur and animal advocate, has launched a new nonprofit organization: Action to End Drowning.   “This is going to save lives!” — Arthur E. […]
  • Dennis Stolpner Announces Series on Anti-Aging Trends
    Dennis Stolpner http://dennisstolpner.com/ FLORIDA, April 9, 2021 — Anti-Aging Specialist, Dennis Stolpner, is slated to launch a new blog series on current trends in the anti-aging industry for the year 2021.  The all-new blog series will follow his previous blog […]
  • Val DiGiorgio Military and Law Enforcement Scholarship
    Val DiGiorgio http://valdigiorgio.org/ Mar. 17, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Val DiGiorgio’s Red, White & Blue Military and Law Enforcement Scholarship is coming up on the homestretch. But it’s not too late: there’s still one final month left to apply. The Red, […]
  • Valentino DiGiorgio announces STEAM scholarship
    Valentino DiGiorgio http://valentinodigiorgio.com/ Mar. 15, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — The 2021 Valentino Digiorgio STEAM Scholarship is now accepting applications!  Applications must be submitted by 5:00 PM EST on April 30, 2021 via the ‘Apply Here’ form on DiGiorgio’s official website. High […]
  • Before & After Results and more on Natural Transplants Videos
    Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic https://naturaltransplantsvideos.com/ Mar. 11, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Natural Transplants Hair Restoration Clinic announce the launch of their new website, Natural Transplants Videos.  An informative resource for individuals seeking hair restoration procedures, Natural Transplants Videos provides videos […]
  • Robert Kurzban to Host Blog Series on Freelance Writing
    Robert Kurzban http://www.robkurzban.com/ POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – March 4, 2021 — Freelance writer and founder of RE: Writers, Robert Kurzban will host a blog series offering tips, tricks and advice on how to launch a freelance writing career.  The series will cover […]
  • Diamond Mountain Retreat Center’s special offer for first responders
    Diamond Mountain Retreat Center http://diamondmountainretreatcenter.com/ Feb. 24, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Diamond Mountain Retreat Center announces the First Responders 2 for 1 package for healthcare workers. Diamond Mountain Retreat Center is welcoming COVID heroes with a special offer.  In an effort […]