Sam Miri to Discuss Executive Leadership Trends in 2022

Sam Miri to Discuss Executive Leadership Trends in 2022

Sam Miri Executive Leadership

Sam Miri

MOUNTAIN VIEW, August 22, 2022 /PRSearchEngine/ — The Vice President of Gamification & Sensor Technology at Bally’s Interactive, Sam Miri will discuss trends in executive leadership for the year of 2022 in an all-new blog series on his official website.  The series will also highlight business development workshops and training opportunities around the world. This is a can’t-miss chronicle for aspiring leaders in business and entrepreneurship!

In Sam Miri’s upcoming Executive Leadership Trends of 2022 blog series, the longtime executive leader will share valuable insights on the latest in business leadership.  Focusing on all disciplines and industries, Miri’s series will have something for everyone.  He will even share his thoughts on what the world’s hotshots in business are saying — and he won’t hold back in giving his piece of mind, regardless of whether or not he agrees with what’s out there.  A proud alum of Santa Clara University, Miri’s series will also shine the spotlight on relevant events and programs hosted by SCU’s Leavey School of Business. 

About Sam Miri

Sam Miri is a seasoned executive leader with more than two decades of experience in sales, marketing and product management.  Diversely experienced, Miri’s career initially began in Computer Engineering.  But it wasn’t long before his ability to command a team as a leader took precedence over his focus on a specific industry.  All the while, his background in engineering has guided his experiences, offering him a specialized expertise that plays a vital role in his impact on everything from product development to marketing.  Previous roles maintained by Miri include Sr. VP Global Sales & Business Development at Xicato Inc. and Head of Sales at NextInput Inc.