Business & Finance Expert Joseph Uglietto Discusses Impact of COVID-19 on Stock Market
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Business & Finance Expert Joseph Uglietto Discusses Impact of COVID-19 on Stock Market

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Joseph Uglietto

March 24, 2020 – In an all new blog series, expert in International Business and Finance, Joseph Uglietto will discuss the current state of the stock market. Delving deep into COVID-19’s impact, Uglietto will offer valuable insight on projected positive turns, possible continued down turns — and everything in between.

With Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) running rampant around the world, the stock market is on a roller coaster ride.  The international pandemic has already caused the market to crash. But according to Joseph Uglietto, the biggest shifts, dips and rises are yet to come.  In his tell-all blog series on the state of the stock market, Uglietto will offer up his own projections regarding overall directionality. Drawing on previous stock market shake-ups, he will also compare the current status to crashes previously experienced.   

Starting at the source, Joseph Uligetto’s blog series will zero in on China’s economy.  How have China’s economic ups and downs directly affected the US stock market? Will the effects of COVID-19 expose critical weak points in the Hong Kong banking system?  What industries will see the strongest spikes — or the most damaging dips? What’s in store for the bigger picture, internationally? Uglietto will dive deep into all of these questions and more in his stock market blog series regarding recent activity due to fears over COVID-19. 

With medical professionals urging for social distancing, the COVID-19 pandemic is presenting hardships for small businesses across the nation.  A business owner himself, Joseph Uglietto has a first-hand understanding on how this impact is affecting the economy overall. Uglietto is the President and Founder of Diversified Energy Specialists. DES is a liquid biofuels consulting and energy credit trading company based in the northeast United States. Drawing on his own experiences as a business owner, Uglietto will discuss how COVID-19 is directly impacting the energy industry and small businesses.

Joseph maintains a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Finance.  As a financial professional, Uglietto consistently keeps track of the rises and falls in the stock market.  He looks forward to offering valuable insight and projections on the stock market in his blog series, which is soon to come on his official website:

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