Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO Announces Straight to the Heart TV Now Available Online
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Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO Announces Straight to the Heart TV Now Available Online

Straight to the Heart

Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO


March 11, 2020 – Dr. Sam Fillingane, DO and the Straight to the Heart team announce that all episodes of the show are now available for viewing online! Watch the full series now by visiting the official website for Straight to the Heart.

Over 50 episodes of the medical television show, Straight to the Heart, are now live online.  Originally aired in 2013, Straight to the Heart was a weekly broadcast on My Family TV Network.  Hosted by Dr. Sam Fillingane and Russ Robinson, Straight to the Heart featured topics surrounding osteopathic medicine. Calling on his specialties, Sam Fillingane, DO utilized the platform to inform the public about the many factors at play in heart health.  Subjects included, but were not limited to, genetic disorders, mental health disorders and autoimmune disorders. Specific chronic ailments were also covered on Straight to the Heart, such as diabetes, sleep apnea, inflammatory disease and chronic kidney disease.

Sam Fillingane is a renowned expert in osteopathic medicine.  His accomplishments in treating patients who suffer from sleep abnormalities have earned him great respect in the medical field.  Dr. Fillingane’s contributions to Straight to the Heart are exemplary of his dedication to public health. He is proud to announce that all episodes of the informative television show can now reach audiences worldwide.  Viewers will enjoy insightful discussion on numerous chronic medical ailments. Often using real life examples that highlighted patients’ stories, Straight to the Heart took a hands on reporting approach.  

Dr. Fillingane looks forward to sharing Straight to the Heart with a new audience!  Visit the official Straight to the Heart website now to watch all 52 episodes of the informative medical television show.