Dean Buescher to launch series on kidney health study
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Dean Buescher to launch series on kidney health study

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Dean Buescher

ANCHORAGE, AK, July 13, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — A  research study out of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine may have the potential to revolutionize the treatment of patients with renal failure. Entrepreneur Dean Buescher is slated to possibly participate in the unique effort, titled The Kidney Project. Along with his participation in the study, Buescher will also host an informative blog series focused on educating the public on kidney health and dialysis.

Aiming to raise awareness of diseases and ailments that affect the kidneys, Dean Buescher hopes to bring attention to renal failure.  His intention is to educate his readers so that they may have a better understanding of kidney health overall.  Among other topics, Buescher’s series will cover everything from warning signs to look out for to findings from experimental new studies.  The entrepreneur is set to potentially participate in The Kidney Project;  in his series, Buescher will follow developments in the study.

About The Kidney Project

A long term collaborative effort with medical schools, including Vanderbilt University, The Kidney Project is a trial of a newly engineered implantable artificial kidney.  This kidney replacement would effectively revolutionize renal failure management, with no requirement of pumps, immunosuppressive drugs or dialysis.  All in all, the researchers and participants of The Kidney Project are setting out to improve the lives and quality of life of individuals diagnosed with renal