Julio Licinio to share recent news in science and psychology

Julio Licinio to share recent news in science and psychology

Julio Licinio Psychiatry and Science series

Julio Licinio


July 5, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Acclaimed researcher and publisher of scientific literature, Julio Licinio is slated to launch a new science-centric blog series.  On his official website, Licinio will highlight upcoming and recently published findings and new discoveries made by researchers around the world.  Focused on the ‘now,’ Licinio’s upcoming showcase will shine a spotlight on time relevant issues, such as the psychological impact of the COVID pandemic. 

True to his roots, Julio Licinio’s blog series will zoom in on recent research in psychiatry, psychology and neurology.  Intent on highlighting scientific research studies in real-time, Licinio’s web periodical will isolate findings that speak to a bigger picture.  In line with the state of the pandemic, the first installment of the showcase will take a look at how psychiatric conditions are playing a role in a patient’s current risk of COVID.

About Julio Licinio 

Since 1996, Julio Licinio has stood as the Founding Editor-in-Chief of world-renowned scientific literature publication, Molecular Psychiatry.  Moreover, Licinio is known for catapulting the journal to top, leading to the high esteem it continues to maintain today.  More than a decade since publishing the first issue, Licinio continues to solidify the publication’s lasting impact on the field of psychiatry.