Dr. Paul Drago’s Top Health and Fitness Tips of the Year: 2022 Edition
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Dr. Paul Drago’s Top Health and Fitness Tips of the Year: 2022 Edition

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December 27, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — In 2022, Dr. Paul Drago will start the year off with an all-new blog series.  Each week, Dr. Drago will share his expert opinion on the most recent top health and fitness tips and trends.

Sticking to your health and wellness New Year’s resolutions isn’t easy.  With so many fad diets to choose from, it can be difficult structuring an effective plan to meet your health and fitness goals.  That’s why Dr. Paul Drago has decided to launch his new blog series in which he’ll put the trendiest tips of 2022 to the test — so you don’t have to!  Sharing his expert opinion as a professional in the health and fitness fields, Dr. Drago hopes that he’ll be able to provide a clear framework for anyone looking to take their goals head on in 2022.  Featuring a Question and Answer (Q&A) style, this expert will help to offer clarity to his audience on everything from today’s fitness trends to tomorrow’s weight loss tips. 

Dr. Paul DragoAbout Dr. Paul Drago 

Dr. Paul Drago is an ENT Specialist and Otolaryngology expert.  His primary focus and areas of expertise include the treatment of the throat, head, nose and ear infections.  However, in recent years, Dr. Drago has embraced a holistic perspective on health and wellness, both in his personal and professional lives.  Although he continues to practice within his ENT and Otolaryngology area of specialization, he enjoys sharing a wider perspective on health through his web presence and online blog series.