Allen Chi Announces New Gaming Scholarship and Sponsorship Program
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Allen Chi Announces New Gaming Scholarship and Sponsorship Program

Allen Chi Gaming Scholarship

Allen Chi Gaming Consulting
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LAS VEGAS, NV, Feb. 12, 2019 – Gaming Consultant, Allen Chi, is proud to announce that his gaming scholarship and sponsorship program is now accepting applications for 2019.  The launch of this program is part of his commitment to helping gamers succeed academically while ‘turning a passion into a profession‘.

The Allen Chi Gaming Scholarship is available to students pursuing or currently enrolled in gaming-related degree programs.  Example majors include (but are not limited to):

  • Game Design & Development
  • Computer Science
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Animation

The scholarship is intended for gamers who are on an academic pathway to break into the gaming industry.  Additionally, if you are a member of an eSports team at your high school, college or university, your application will be considered for both the scholarship and sponsorship opportunities.  The sponsorship portion of Allen Chi’s program will be awarded to a gamer, regardless of academic status or major.

The Allen Chi Gaming Sponsorship is available to individuals in the entertainment line of the gaming world.  This includes (but is not limited to):

  • eSports Competitors (either team-based or solo)
  • Gaming Content Creators (i.e. bloggers, video-makers, streamers, etc.)

This portion of the program is available to all gamers.  While experience (such as an established online presence) will be considered, Allen Chi is seeking to honor gamers at various levels.

The scholarships and sponsorships will be awarded to rising stars in various corners of the gaming community.  Whether you’re a student pursuing a traditional career in game design, or a gamer launching a presence in the entertainment arena of gaming, Allen Chi encourages you to apply to his sponsorship and scholarship program.  Gaming Consultant Allen Chi is a firm believer in the potential of gamers. He hopes that his program will assist gamers in accomplishing their goals within the gaming community.

To be considered for an Allen Chi sponsorship or scholarship, please visit for more information and to apply today.

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