Jeff Ber to Host Blog Series on Entrepreneurship During COVID-19

Jeff Ber to Host Blog Series on Entrepreneurship During COVID-19

Jeff Ber COVID-19 Entrepreneurship

Jeff Ber

April 10, 2020 – How can entrepreneurs dominate the new normal?  Will COVID-19 destroy entrepreneurship? Or is there money to be made in the middle of the coronavirus chaos?

Entrepreneur and Business Management Expert, Jeff Ber will host a blog series on how entrepreneurs can survive and thrive in business during the COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) crisis.  Ber will discuss how to effectively overcome the unique challenges now faced by entrepreneurs.  

‘Entrepreneurship During COVID-19’ follows Jeff Ber’s previous blog series, ‘Business Management and Entrepreneurship.’ 

During a time of social distancing, working from home has become the norm.  But what does this mean for entrepreneurs who thrive off of networking opportunities?  How will they adapt? Which innovative products and services will dominate this new territory?  Tapping into the current crisis with an entrepreneurial approach, Jeff Ber will discuss all that and more! 

Jeff Ber hopes that his ‘entrepreneurship during COVID-19’ blog series will offer readers clarity in these dark times.  Among his advice, Ber will also highlight products that are setting trends as a result of the pandemic. Hoping to inspire fellow entrepreneurs, the blog series will discuss the innovators currently thriving in COVID-19’s new market.

A terminal cancer survivor, Jeff Ber is all too familiar with overcoming adversity and beating the odds.  As an entrepreneur, his unique and innovative approaches echo that sentiment. Fighting back against the challenges posed by COVID-19 will be no different for the seasoned entrepreneur.  Ber looks forward to coaching other professionals on how they too can navigate the unique playing field presented by the current pandemic.