Jamie Simmons to Discuss Engineering & Entrepreneurship
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Jamie Simmons to Discuss Engineering & Entrepreneurship

Jamie Simmons Software Engineering

Jamie Simmons


October 7, 2020 — Serial entrepreneur and award-winning software engineer, Jamie Simmons is set to discuss the intersection of entrepreneurship and engineering in an innovative new blog series.

Jamie Simmons recently announced the debut of the first blog series slated for his official website.  The series will draw on Simmons’s career focuses: engineering and entrepreneurship.  Having navigated this specific terrain within the startup sphere himself, Simmons hopes to introduce rising entrepreneurs to opportunities in the software, electrical and computer engineering industries.

Strengthened by his engineering background, Jamie Simmons thrives as an entrepreneur in the technical world of software development. Backed by a portfolio polished with decades of experience in the very intersection of engineering and entrepreneurship, Simmons is a uniquely established entrepreneur.  A highlight of his career includes co-founding eSecuritel, a venture in which he stood as Chief Architect of a Handset Issue Tracking System (HITS).  During his command at eSecuritel, Simmons built the business from zero subscribers to over half a million — in just four years.

In his Entrepreneurial Engineering blog series, Jamie Simmons will offer up words of advice for entrepreneurs at all levels.  The seasoned engineer and serial entrepreneur will discuss everything from the top colleges and universities for entrepreneurs with an interest in engineering to the hottest trends in engineering entrepreneurship today.

The engineering angle of the startup sphere isn’t always on an entrepreneur’s radar.  Having enjoyed great success in this area, Simmons firmly believes in the value of these technical ventures.  Through his blog series, he hopes to spread that message — with proof to support the profit potential!