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Terence Hicks


CHARLOTTE, NC, November 1, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Hicks Research Consulting LLC provides top-rated research evaluation and assessment services.  Led by Founder and President Terence Hicks, the consulting firm specializes in research analysis in the field of education.  Presently, Hicks Research offers research solutions to universities, community colleges, community agencies, school districts and other academic institutions.

Available by appointment, Hicks Research Consulting LLC is a comprehensive consulting company that offers a wide range of research solutions.  A seasoned Statistician and Quantitative Research Methodologist, Terence Hicks calls on his nearly two decades of experience in the field.  Hicks Research Consulting analyzes data by use of SPSS Statistics (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), the industry-standard software in academic research evaluation and assessment. 

About Terence HicksTerence Hicks

President of Hicks Research Consulting LLC

Terence Hicks is an accomplished author and lecturer with two decades of experience in research evaluation and assessment.  As a career Statistician and Quantitative Research Methodologist, Hicks has conducted insightful research in the field of education.  His works have prompted valuable discussions regarding college retention, the psychological well-being of 1st generation college students, spirituality among college students and more.  To date, Hicks has published 10 books and contributed his findings to over 100 research publications and presentations.