George Carlo’s Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Retrospective

George Carlo’s Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Retrospective

George Carlo Olympic Games Tokyo

George Carlo

August 8, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Immediately following the conclusion of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, world-renowned Sports Performance Coach, George Carlo, will host a recap and review of the athleticism displayed at the Games.  Drawing on his decades of experience in the sport performance industry, Carlo will discuss key moments with a professional’s perspective.

A full retrospective, George Carlo’s sports performance in the Olympics blog series will replay and reassess footage from the Games.  Each week, Carlo will analyze an Olympian’s performance the same way he reviews the performances of his clients and program participants.  Diving deeper beyond what’s at the surface, the Sports Performance Coach will discuss everything from the athletes’ diet and nutrition patterns, psychological and motivational profiles and training schedules before, during and after their Olympic Game performances. 

About George Carlo

George Carlo is a Sports Performance Coach best known for developing the Secrets of Champions Foundation.  As Chairman and CEO of the nonprofit, Carlo and his team of coaches work to enhance the health, performance and overall leadership capacity of athletes who participate in the SCF program.  Having worked directly with thousands of athletes throughout his career in numerous sports, Carlo is well-versed in the mind-body connection in human performance training;  he looks forward to highlighting this notion in his upcoming series.