Entrepreneur Jeff Ber Announces Business Management Blog Series

Entrepreneur Jeff Ber Announces Business Management Blog Series

Jeff Ber Business Management Blog

Jeff Ber

Oct 4, 2019 – Seasoned entrepreneur, Jeff Ber will host a blog series on Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Ber hopes that the publication of his blog series will help to inspire and motivate young entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Jeff Ber’s new blog series will highlight upcoming events for entrepreneurs and analyze rising business management tactics. Specifically, Ber will call attention to innovative strategies and concepts in the business world, as applicable to leadership and management. Diving deep into these tactics, the series will discuss whether or not these rising approaches are truly effective for the next wave of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The rise of start-up culture, in Jeff Ber’s view, is reshaping business management as a whole.  In his series, Ber aims to lend advice to entrepreneurs who are completely new to the start-up sphere.  Renowned for his business acumen, Ber is a highly experienced leader with a deep passion for motivating others.  In his blog posts, the professional will draw on his own expertise while advising readers on a variety of topics.  The series will also cover upcoming events and workshops for young entrepreneurs. Ber believes that his blog series will prove to be timely and relevant, given the recent evolution and expansion of the start-up sphere.  His series will also highlight how the rise of entrepreneurship opportunities has encouraged leadership approaches to evolve and adapt.

Jeff Ber is the current Vice President of Operations at Oneball, a charitable organization that supports men with testicular cancer.  Nicknamed ‘the backbone of Oneball’ by his colleagues on the nonprofit’s executive team, Jeff Ber is no stranger to leadership.

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