Diamond Mountain Retreat Center’s special offer for first responders

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center’s special offer for first responders

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center First Responders 2 for 1

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center


Feb. 24, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — Diamond Mountain Retreat Center announces the First Responders 2 for 1 package for healthcare workers.

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center is welcoming COVID heroes with a special offer.  In an effort to thank first responders for their admirable efforts during the pandemic, Diamond Mountain is currently offering a discounted package that’s packed with quality accommodations.  DMRC expresses that this decision is the least they can do to support the incredible individuals out on the frontlines of this pandemic.

First Responders 2 for 1

Heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic (particularly first responders) now have the option to select the new First Responders 2 for 1 special offer when booking their visit.  As of right now, this special offer is exclusively available to first responders in Graham, Pima and Cochise counties.  The special offer includes free classes and sessions on introductions to mindfulness and techniques, as well as free yoga classes.  

The First Responders 2 for 1 is a respite developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is DMRC’s intention that this offering will give first responders a moment to breathe, realign and renew.  First responders do so much for those they care for and the general public as a whole.  The opportunity for these individuals to embrace rest, relief and relaxation is incredibly important at all times — but especially in these high-stress times of the pandemic. 

About Diamond Mountain Retreat Center

Diamond Mountain Retreat Center offers unparalleled relaxation and mindfulness retreats.  Situated within the stunning mountains of Arizona, DMRC immerses visitors in an environment that embraces their natural connection with wildlife and the wilderness.  Both on location and virtually via follow-along sessions, Diamond Mountain offers programs that center around yoga, mindfulness and meditation.