Christian Author Berkley C. Badger Releases New Book in Biblical Forensics Series
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Christian Author Berkley C. Badger Releases New Book in Biblical Forensics Series

Berkley C. Badger Christian Book

Berkley C. Badger

May 25, 2023 /PRSEARCHENGINE/ — Christian author Berkley C. Badger does it again!  In continuation of the author’s Biblical Forensics book series, his latest title Don’t Call It The Rapture builds on Book 1 of the series.  Challenging Christians to dive deep into the truths of the Holy Bible, Badger’s new title brings up fresh commentary derived from scriptural data.  Don’t Call It The Rapture by Berkley C. Badger will be published in Fall 2023 with personalized copies available this September.  Pre-orders are available now.

Don’t Call It The Rapture, the second book in a Christian faith book series by Berkley C. Badger, is set to release in September 2023.  Authorized by JCB International Institute of Quranic Studies and Biblical Forensics, this will be the latest release from author Badger.  The text will encourage Christian believers to dive deeper into Biblical truths surrounding the Rapture.  Pushing past the well worn rapture citations too often offered up by both rapturists and non-rapturists alike, Don’t Call It The Rapture brings fresh scriptural data into the conversation to finally set the record straight for all believers, non-believers and followers of the Christian faith.  A “must buy” for any pastor, this new title from Berkley C. Badger is a wonderful addition to anyone’s church or home library.  Pre-orders are now available by telephone @ (567) outpost.  The official release of personalized copies will be available to the public in September 2023.