Brian Overton Talks Christian Musicians (CCM) in New Series

Brian Overton Talks Christian Musicians (CCM) in New Series

Brian Overton CCM

Brian Overton

February18, 20222 /PRSearchEngine/ — Christian Contemporary Musician (CCM) and lead singer of His Word band, Brian Overton is set to host a new blog series highlighting up and coming contemporary Christian musicians from around the world. Shining the spotlight on fellow faith warriors who glorify God in their music, Brian will discuss a different artist each week on his blog. Fans and listeners are encouraged to submit their favorite bands and artists for a feature.

Brian Overton lives, breathes, sings and plays Christian music on a daily basis.  And he knows he’s not alone in that passion.  Creating faith-based music is a passion for many talented artists.  From traditional worship tunes to contemporary Christian rock, there are so many unique genres and subgenres in the world of Christian music.  Through his new series, Brian hopes to offer his readers some new songs to listen to and CCMs to follow. The series will primarily focus on Christian contemporary musicians, but the fellow CCM is also excited to discuss other relevant events, concerts and more within the world of Christian music.

About Brian OvertonBrian Overton

Brian Overton is a Christian contemporary musician (CCM).  He is best known as the lead vocalist and bassist of His Word, a Christian rock band.  His Word has been together for more than 20 years and brings powerful faith-focused songs to life with the help of J.R. Rehm on rhythm guitar, Sheree Barnes on lead guitar and Justin Christensen on drums.  Brian also owns and operates his own in-house music recording studio, the Green Room Studio.  Happy to collaborate with fellow CCMs, Brian invites faith-focused musicians to the Green Room Studio from time to time.  He hopes that his new blog series will extend that invitation to artists both near and far.