Andrew Cunningham-Moorat debuts home inspection blog series

Andrew Cunningham-Moorat

April 29, 2021 /PRSearchEngine/ — In an all-new blog series, home inspector Andrew Cunningham-Moorat will cover the ins and outs of the current demand for home inspectors.  Offering up advice to homeowners, homebuyers and home inspectors alike, Cunningham-Moorat’s series is set to provide comprehensive coverage of the home inspection industry.

In the first entry of his home inspection blog series, home inspector Andrew Cunningham-Moorat discusses the current state of the real estate market — and the unprecedented surge in need for home inspectors.  This post sets the scene for his series, which will dive straight into questions like:

  • What is a home inspection?
  • What do home inspectors check or look for?
  • What don’t home inspections check or look for?
  • How do I find a home inspector?

About Andrew Cunningham-Moorat

Andrew Cunningham-Moorat is a versatile professional who’s all about the details.  In his career as a Home Inspector, Cunningham-Moorat’s attention to detail plays a critical role in evaluating the safety of noncommercial, residential and mixed-used real estate.  In his personal pursuits, that same eye for detail guides his amateur photography which features scenic nature settings and the timelessness of classic cars.